Thursday, February 16, 2017

Negative Words

There’s lots of negativity
 going around right now. 
We use negative words 
all the time!!! 
I recently stopped to think 
about what the negative 
words do to peoples’ 
It drowns the good in us.
 It changes our attitude 
to that of hate and anger. 
Negative words HURT! 
People that use negative words 
change the minds of others. 
I myself have made it a 
challenge NOT to use 
negative words. 
Really, what’s the point 
but to hurt someone.
AND we don’t need that. 
So, today, challenge yourself.
Don’t use negative words!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


With all that is happening
I can just say “WELCOME”
WELCOME those whose
faith life and human dignity
are threatened.
WELCOME those who
are different than us.
WELCOME those who
don’t have what we have.
WELCOME those who
have nowhere else to go.
WELCOME those who
are hated by the crowds.
who are the lowly
and downhearted.
WELCOME those who
are frightened and alone.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How Do You Love?

How do you love the nubbies?
Those little parts of yourself
that you can’t quite love!
We all have them!
We all have areas in our lives
that we wish were different,
were “better” or more lovely.

We love them slowly!
We take the good parts
of ourselves and intermingle
the nubbies with those
Soon, we can stand to look
at the nubbies
and appreciate all
of ourselves.
Hopefully anyway!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What is it really?

It is a new year….
A time for fresh starts
and new beginnings

A German custom we have
in our family is to be the first
to wish the other “Happy New Year”
in German gets a dollar.
My sisters and I have great fun
trying to be the first…
this year I lost two dollars!!!

But, what does it really mean to wish
others “Happy New Year?”
To me, it means to wish
them the very best for a new start
to show gratitude for what has been
and to give thanks for what is to come.
Let’s face it, when all the frivolity is over
And we are back to our everyday lives,
our Happy New Year wish
will certainly come in handy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Heart

Today is the first day of winter.
It is cold here and snowy
it is truly what you would
expect from winter.

Have you ever heard of
A winter heart?
I think that a winter heart
is one that is cold, stagnant
and not able to let love in.
I would much rather have
a summer heart….
full of love and warmth…
Some people have winter hearts
they can’t help it…
something has happened to them
to turn away from others.
I pray for those with winter hearts
I pray that they may open themselves
up to love and warmth…
Let us not have winter hearts
this Christmas season...
and, let us warm those who
we find have winter hearts.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Right Around the Corner

With Christmas being right
around the corner
I thought I would take time
to remember the real
meaning of Christmas.
It is not about the presents,
it is not about the joyful
feeling we get being with
friends and family.
Although, those are important
don’t get me wrong!!!

The real meaning of Christmas
to me, is that Jesus
came to this earth as a
small infant in
terrible conditions.
He was an unknown
someone not recognized
even to give a bed to.
But, he grew to be
Our Savior.
Christ the Lord
Let’s not forget the
real meaning of
Christmas this year,
and give thanks 
to Jesus our Savior.